267989967Insurance of yachts, boats (small size)
Insurance risks
1) The total loss of the ship (both physical and constructive, when the cost of repair exceeds the cost of the object itself).
2) Theft/
3) Damage that occurred during the operation and storage of the vessel.
The insurance covers losses related to the total loss of the insured object, both actual and constructive, as well as expenses for the elimination of damage to the hull, machinery, equipment resulting from:
- fire or explosion, natural disasters;
- breakdown of machinery and equipment;
- overturning, stranding, collision with other vessels, floating and immovable objects;
- emergency cases during operations for loading or unloading, on lifting and lowering of the insured vessel to water, overloading or reinstallation during storage;
- illegal actions of third parties, including theft of the insured object or its parts.

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