media-20170423-1What is insured?
Residential real estate (residential house, apartment), suburban real estate (cottage, house);
Interior finishing (covering the ceiling, walls, floors, including the warm floor, doors (internal), etc.);
Movable household property (furniture and interior items, as well as household and electronic equipment);
Household buildings and structures (buildings and structures not intended for living (for example, summer kitchen, garage, barn, gazebo, etc.).
From what is insured?
Insurance of an apartment or house from a fire (including the smoke that accompanies it, including the emission of soot and corrosive gas) as a consequence of arson, lightning, explosion;
Protection against storms, hurricanes, squalls, tornadoes, heavy rain, heavy rainfall, prolonged rains, heavy snowfalls, floods, hail, landslides, falls, subsidence, karst depressions, mountain landslides, avalanche, earthquakes, Snow accumulation (snow deposits);
Apartment insurance against flooding, protection against water leakage from heating systems, water supply, sewerage, fire protection systems, incl. from neighboring rooms;
Protection of property from theft, robbery.

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