166You can insure:
1) soft, built-in and other furniture;
2) carpets, tapestries, lighting fixtures, paintings, dishes, wall / floor clocks;
3) refrigerators, washing machines, freezers, vacuum cleaners, heaters, gas and electric cookers, microwave ovens, toasters, food processors, dishwashers;
4) TV sets, video and audio equipment, television game consoles, tape recorders, electric players, amplifiers, speakers, air conditioning systems, personal computers, uninterruptible power supplies, video surveillance systems, security systems;
5) clothing, hats, shoes, bags, briefcases, sports equipment;
6) glass and mirrors.
All this can be insured against:
1) a fire
2) Gulf as a result of water, sewerage, heating or fire alarms, as well as from the penetration of water from neighboring premises (through the fault of neighbors, for example);
3) explosion of domestic gas or steam boiler;
4) natural disasters, which include: rain and hail unusual for a given location, flood, lightning strike, whirlwind, hurricane, tornado, typhoon and the like;
5) burglary, robbery, vandalism or simply unlawful acts of third parties.
You can insure as a new technique, and that has served you for several years.

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