затопление квартирыFor finishing, repair and equipment of premises and buildings are:
1) All types of plastering and painting, including stucco work;
2) Wall finishing with all kinds of wood, plastic and similar materials;
3) Pasting them with wallpaper;
4) Flammable floor and ceiling elements, floor and ceiling covering, door and window burnable structures, including glazing of balconies and loggias;
5) Built-in furniture.
All this can be insured against:
1) a fire
2) Gulf as a result of water, sewerage, heating or fire alarms, as well as from the penetration of water from neighboring premises (through the fault of neighbors, for example);
3) explosion of domestic gas or steam boiler;
4) natural disasters, which include: rain and hail unusual for a given location, flood, lightning strike, whirlwind, hurricane, tornado, typhoon and the like;
5) burglary, robbery, vandalism or simply unlawful acts of third parties.
You can insure as a new repair, and finishing, which has served you for several years.

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